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It Is Destiny

Though i have worked in pipelines crews in Ballarat
I cannot say i have been there and done that
A story of my life will never be published to sell
There are many with far greater life stories to tell

I have worked out of doors in weather close to zero degrees
By Mushera mountain felling pine trees
My wisdom to work in such weather must come into doubt
And this is something not worth bragging about

Way back in the days when my hair was dark brown
Often worked with my brother Neil on his farm close to Millstreet Town
But the yearn for wander it was strong in me
There was a bigger World out there for to see

In the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne for many a day
I worked on high cherry pickers for poor enough pay
Above electrical power-lines a job where danger was rife
Where even one mistake could cost you your life

In my late teens a decade of years short of my life's prime
I worked in New York City this is going back in time
But homesick for Ireland there i did not stay
It is destiny has me where i am today

In Illowa between Koroit and Warrnambool
Where the weather is never too warm or cool
The past only remains as a memory
And the now is what matters would you not agree?

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