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It Is Difference

If you insist you are right in your opinions then you must believe you cannot be wrong
But then to new ideas you cannot be open since to the arrogant you do belong
You believe that those not with you must be against you if with in all you say they do not agree
You do not allow for difference in thinking that is how you do seem to me
Sadly there are so many like you who only see life in one way
Who does not see one as a good person if to their god he or she does not pray
If everybody were quite like you and to you did not think differently
The Human World would lack in discussion and how very boring that would be
One quickly tire of dogmatic people who stick to their own point of view
In their thinking they never vary from them never anything new
They stick by the same political party they spend their lives resisting change
They treat those different with suspicion and look upon them as quite strange
It is difference that makes us interesting how boring indeed we would be
If we all did think in the same way and on everything we did agree.

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