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It Is Disgusting How Our Standards Are Being Degraded
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It Is Disgusting How Our Standards Are Being Degraded

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Why didn't witnesses stop a gang rape?
Why are there shootings on our streets?
Why are there crimes committed for everyone to see?
Why is there homelessness and hunger?
Decadence and disrespect?
No discipline and racism.
And all of this marketed without end?
On TV screens and movie houses.
And video games sold and made for our children.
To entertain their temptations, whims and sins?

Who knows 'why' witnesses didn't stop a gang rape?
Maybe everyone wanted to get a shot at being on 'reality tv'.
Maybe they were fascinated by the idea of public sex!
You know how these kids can get?
Where do they get such values?
And it is disgusting how our standards are being degraded,
Isn't it?

'I for one,
Am deeply appalled! '

And 'all' have been deeply moved to apathy.
Which is the correct reflection of this society.

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Very true words, Lawrence, and put in a way that most folks can recognize the wrongs that are being done. If you get a chance read 'I want to Live' and 'Wake up America'. They go along with your thoughts. God Bless, Your Friend, Lynn