It Is Dreamt

Poem By James McLain

It is much brighter her arms confessions
sob trembled word convulsed tranquility
webs finger soothing balm a lease
doors windows never numbered painted
darkened wisps hovering stealing skin
pots catching lies last breath.

Shiny abject sockets almond smell
pull at lips cover a nose to stall
full ripe breasts saggy tips knead knotted
patched hair makeup absent lash
hovers sweaty coughing pointing tongueless
throbbing rooted full blooded made seedless.

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Is it poetry? Depends on your definition, really.

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A stream flowing through the old oak tree is still alive.
The heart of the forest (wood which has lived to long it is, unexpected obstacle, this living log
and complicated cover which I lowered)

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She is he,
and he is She.
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A little eye not made by man.
All woman seem to have.
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It is..there..
and now you're afraid..
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