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It Is Easy To Criticize

It is easy to criticize other people quite easy indeed would you not agree
It may be the person we are criticizing in ways superior to you or to me
We should save our criticisms for bureaucrats since they do affect our lives in some way
These are the people we should be criticizing for their greed the likes of us have to pay
Big company c e o's are not very nice people overpaid and greedy and lacking in empathy
They leave many workers unemployed and poorer on saving billions in money for their big company
Their sort are those we should be criticizing they create a few billionaires and leave many in poverty
Yet why do we criticize those who never harm us or do not leave us poorer financially
Many democratically elected politicians are not nice people mostly for the wealthy they only legislate
By helping the very wealthy they make the poor poorer poverty in this way they create
On our own sort we should not be judgmental those battling on through life just like you and i
We should save our criticism for those greedy people trying to keep us poor until the day we do die
It is easy to criticize people like ourselves through life as they are just battling along
Save your verbal anger for those who exploit us those who weaken the weak for to strengthen the strong.

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Yes. Its a fake form of lifting oneself to feel superior. Like somehow saying it makes it real and ego is safe for a second.