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It Is Finished

you were there
i was there
he was there
she was there
they were there
we were there
when our lord Jesus
was on the tree
he called on us
whom he called his own
he cried he wept
but we pretended not to have heard
we were all there
when he was crucified
when he was flogged 36
when he was spat upon
when he was fed with sourd wine
when he was mocked
when he was stripped off his garment
when he was pierced with a spear on his side
and water and blood gushed out
when as a judge he was judged
by the partial pontius pilate
when he was marked out for death
just for saying who he was
when he chose death to life
just for our sake
when he left his kingly throne
to become a servant
when as the son of God he became the son of man
when he left the luxury and comfort of heaven
for the problems and tribulations of earth
when he was wounded for our transgressions
when he was bruised for our iniquities
when the chestisement of our sins was placed upon him
we only anticipate his stripes to heal our diseases
as our burdens were lifted up unto his shoulders
we were there but did nothing
rather we watched with contempt his lips
as he said ''IT IS FINISHED''

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Happy Easter Micheal.......... ^_^