Maybe It's Love..

I can see the way you look at me
You tease me like you tease no one else
Your arms find their way around me
You look for excuses to hug me, hold me, be near me
And you think no one notices
Oh yeah, I can see through your eyes
I know what you’re thinking
“Maybe it’s love..”

We’ve got our friends, trying to make us see
How perfect we are for each other
But I’m always trying to get rid of these thoughts
Maybe I’m afraid..
Afraid to touch the fire again, after some love story gone wrong before
But then when you ignore me
Why does it drive me crazy?
Sometimes you’re jaded, but oh, so lovely
And then we’re confused again
“Maybe it’s love..”

I know I troubled you at times
But if this catches your attention
I might be doing it again
It’s so pathetic how none of us can say it aloud
Maybe you were waiting for me
I thought love wasn’t a friend of mine
Till you came along
Every time I’m with you, it’s like I’m wearing a crown
So now…I think you don’t have to wait any longer
And I think I’m ready to step across the line
Cause guess what…maybe love has come our way =)

by Néha Who Else

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How can you joke about these things Gersh? They're REVOLTING! ! ! !
Well! This one is really loaded, Gershon. I'm fascinated that you can list so many 'forbiddens' and keep your rhyme. I believe this one is rated X, even though it is biblical. (Who said the bible is not very interesting?) Raynette