Non-Existent Equality

Searching for equality around every bend, finding none
worthy of speaking of.

Recalcitrant hopes waylaid on a journey to nowhere, as
life steps out of tune and falls upon rocky crags in
outlandish events.

Where is the equality in our land?

Are we to fight continuously for a recognition of our
futile blight and attempts to be normal in the realm
of our country's democracy?

If all of us have equal rights, why are we being
treated differently, being put out in streets, homeless
and afraid, our lives taken drastically from our grasp?

As others walk by, warm and cozy, stomachs full of
good food, turning an eye away from us as we sit in
hopeless wonder of our existence in this world.

How are we to behave, knowing we have nothing, and
having our thoughts tell us from behind saddened eyes
that we aren't worth the trouble of those walking past
us every day.

Never truly opening their eyes to see we are human,
that we want companionship more than anything else.

To have someone speak to us, to listen as we share our
thoughts and ideas would be sublime joy, but it never
happens as we sit here on the street day after day with
no reprieve from the weather, no equality of life on
this planet we share together.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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