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It Is Happy Thanksgiving Day!
NLC (6/11/76 / )

It Is Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Poem By Nancy L Cohen

It’s 8: 15 and the aromas of this day start
to fill the house.
Soft clinking is heard in the kitchen.
As mom and dad have been up for hours
preparing the beloved bird.
Bodies start to stir and mouths start to water.
It is Happy Thanksgiving Day!

It is 10: 30 and the clinking in the
kitchen is louder now.
Everyone is up and conversations are being had.
More things are being prepared now.
Someone is peeling the potatoes.
Someone is starting to set the table.
Everyone else is gooing over the baby!
It is Happy Thanksgiving Day!

It is 11: 45 and the house is completely alive.
Everyone has arrived.
Laughter and joy fill the air.
Stomachs start to grumble
for the anticipation of this great feast.
Drink orders are being filled.
Kids are saying “Is it ready yet? ”
It is Happy Thanksgiving Day!

NOON. The hour has come.
Twenty people gather around the family table.
The blessing is said and everyone sits.
The food is passed and plates are filled.
The grumbling in everyone's tummies
slowly subsides as slowing the plates empty.
It is Happy Thanksgiving Day.

It is 12: 45 and the plates are cleared.
The body is satisfied.
The kids are already up and running.
The adults sit around the table catching
up with each others lives.
A sense of fulfillment lingers in the air.
It is Happy Thanksgiving Day!

To my family,
I pray you all will take the day to be
truly thankful.
No matter what storms are raging on the
outside world I pray you will find peace
and comfort with each other.
You are dearly missed on this day.
You are on my heart! !
I love you!
I miss you!
It is Happy Thanksgiving Day! ! !

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Love it. Love it. Love it. A beautiful and memorable poem. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.