It Is Hope

She is but a faded memory now

There was a time when the entire
forest was alive because of her

Life was filled with sweet memories
The sun was always warm and bright
and the birds chirping, was sublime

The world had happy rainbows,
and giant puffy clouds
roamed the sky

She inspired the hearts of men
to rise above the crowd
make beautiful paintings
create fine linens and sculptures

Everywhere she walked,
the world was warm,
bright, and surreal

Her days seem to be a
distant memory now.
The sky grows darker
the wind blows mightier
and the sun has lost its warmth

The children of men
do not run and laugh
as they used to

Music is never on the right chord
and life is empty and cold

How do we get her back
and how do we learn to
love, sing, and be happy

Who is this woman
who creates life
blooming to its fullest

She used to dwell in the hearts
of all of God's children
I ask you once again,

who is this woman

What is her name

It is Hope


by G.B. Smith

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