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It Is Indeed A Marvellous Achievement

It is indeed a marvellous achievement to go through life without making a foe
At sometime as you go on your life's journey you will meet one that you wish you did not know
In the World out there are many toxic people who want to win in their every business deal
Who find it okay to rip off other people fair play to them does not seem to appeal.

It is indeed a marvellous achievement that everyone you know remains your friend
Since many quite good friendships we have heard of have come to quite an acrimonious end
Not every good and kind and caring person as we know does become a millionaire
Amongst the World's six billion plus people quite toxic people sad to say not rare.

For you it is such a marvellous achievement that you do not have an enemy or two
That you can remain friends with all you have dealings with says more than glowing words can say about you
What can one say but you are a special person and to people like you we should drink a toast
You've never made an enemy in your life that's not something of which many can boast.

It is indeed a marvellous achievement that everyone you know as a friend remain
For people like you the World is much the better we should sing your praises over and again
Compared to you I do seem very ordinary as people to my life do come and go
And I've made a few friends just a few friends only and I'm not one who is without a foe.

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