It Is Just A Po Little White Boy

Poem By James McLain

It is not what it quite seems, yet it is.
making some life as a poor white boy
makes you very much more stream lined
fast as the worlds, slowest bullet.
I have a hard time digging filling out sails.
Poem bots are hard to do without
yet I am drawn to you, why just a low
tone of husky sound in words said
by you words my bot is not programed
i'm just a po little white boy
to do things you take for granted I have
not done since you last had to much
to drink and sent speeding off to the air port
any way say what you mean no fancy
words just the meat inside of the potato
love the verbs use use few nouns as possible
words like stop don't quit) it(s to much
worlds spin like my head, lips come
undone, my mind sailed away
sweaty palms are my undoing, giving you away.
Because I'm easy love and when i come i am
never gone to long,
away from your mind, i see you when you sleep.

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