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It Is Just The Way It Is
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It Is Just The Way It Is

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Who are they to self righteously say,
How I should live my life?
And in an appropriate way?
I am not addicted to ignorance inflicted.
Nor do I practice the art of enslavement,
To parade and exhibit on a daily basis.

I do not and will not choose to use,
My freedom of thought to seek to suppress...
My consciousness to address impressions,
Others may accept as being well behaved.
Like a good 'boy' enjoyed by jokesters.
If I am provoked the doing will be known.

Neither do I tolerate or condone a shown disrespect.
I have experienced my life to earn a dignity I protect.
And I ask of no one to accept this.
It is just the way it is.
I have not lived to remove obstacles off my path,
To endure through fools who laugh at my tragedies! No.

I was not born to graze on corn.
Or under a circus tent to be the best clown I can be.
My feet from birth walk on the Earth.
And I have no need to prove to anyone,
On Earth I am capable to perform and with abilities.
With faith kept I know I've been blessed.

Who are they to self righteously say,
How I should live my life?
Or how I should react,
By those with imposed pretentious social graces?
And who are they with their standards and values,
From them slipping away to know what is best for another.

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let it go as it is, thanks, good write. I request you to read my poems and comment.