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It Is Long Past Overtime To Welcome A Recovery
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It Is Long Past Overtime To Welcome A Recovery

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

There is no 'somewhere' there,
Over the rainbow!
With a pot of gold glowing,
Before and/or after,
Those rain clouds disappear...
Just to afford quick glimpses,
Of those silver linings.
Dripping sunrays shining through...
To unmist the bluest of skies.

And for those patiently anticipating,
Ships majestically sailing on the horizon...
Closing in upon shores,
To whisk them away to exotic islands...
Need first to inhale deeply,
Reality as it is!
To accept,
As it is projected.

It's okay to dream over scoops of icecream...
Whipped with wishes,
For creature comforts like none other ever known.
When bills are past due,
And the rent one pays is subsidized...
That barely gets paid!
And eight dollars is borrowed on a monthly basis...
From a 'friend' already owed on unpaid promises?
It is time one finds common sense!

The refrigerator is empty,
As a gleaming freshly waxed Mercedes...
Is parked in front of an apartment building where one resides!
And fantasized 'visions' are kept firmly intact.
One needs to be buckled up and strapped fast!

'Someone' is in dire need,
To step aside from those caviar 'embraces'...
To face reality.
And see dawn as the beginning to the end,
Of pretentious ignorance,
Leased on someone else's borrowed dime.
It is long past overtime to welcome a recovery.
Free of socialized medications issued to keep delusions,
Deceitfully hidden.

An empty refrigerator containing filled icecube trays...
Does not a mind nourish.
This is an example of someone who is crazed.

And a diet of pretentions,
Eventually weakens to break relationships...
Of all kinds!
Somehow creditors are first to leave reminders.

When one awakens to discover this situation,
That has become personalized...
It is long past overtime to welcome a recovery.

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