(11/26/1971 / New York)

It Is Love To See You

It is love to look in your eyes,
the expanding blue of morning glory
clear and soft
lives there.
the light energy and hunger
that explodes from them, upon my vision
takes my breath away
and I have to avert my eyes sometimes
because It seems
beauty beholden
is too much to behold.

It is love to hear your voice,
like the rain falling on palm fronds
it soothes and washes over my body
my mind
kind of the way destiny takes you
without your knowing you'd left..
if you only believed.

It is love to feel your hands,
strong and secure
caressing my body with
need and warmth
longing and anticipation
and I love the way
you reach for me
to hold my hand
playing with my fingers idly
while you look at inanimate things
in glass cases.
(I wasn't sure I told you that)

It is love to see your smile,
how you manage to touch
not only your eyes, but my heart
and the rest of the world with it
when I tell you something silly
or you are pleased... I will never know.
you have no idea
of the warmth of love
then the heat of passion
that radiates through my middle
when I look up
and see you smiling at me.
or perhaps you do...

I want you my Love
with those eyes that shine desire
and that voice which emits moans at my touch
with those hands leaving me breathless, always wanting more
and a smile that would charm a song from a stone...

I want you my love...
all of you
more completely
than anything I've ever wanted

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Excellent expression Eila, thanks for sharing! Smiling, a little glint in my eye, and 10 from Tai