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It Is Much Too Late!
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

It Is Much Too Late!

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It is much too late,
To remove that which has taken place.
While you were asleep,
And not in your mind 'awake'.
You devoured such a taste for hatred.
Served as you digested it...
From the plate.
And licking it clean after you ate!

Oh it is much too late,
To erase affects of disrespect.
Or to think forgiveness sits,
Ready to be given.
From those broken hearts intended,
Now too painful to mend.

It is much too late,
To appreciate those you were taught to despise.
Much too late,
To replace false images deceived by your lies.
It is much too late to fake an empathy for others...
When it has been known,
None you've shown.
Or attempts you could have tried.

It is much too late,
To remove what has already taken place.
And much too late to wait,
For an understanding to come...
From anyone who has suffered,
By those things you've done!

It is much too late!
For those apologies spoken,
To be believed by anyone.

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