WT (18-april-1991 / Panama)

It Is My Dog

Poor my little dog
he likes to play, I don't have time
he wants to jump, bothers me
he wants to run, there's no space.

He doesn't like the food
but eats it if is in my hand.
So beautiful little dog, so humble,
doesn't care about sleeping
on the floor, in the dark and cold
it just want to be with me.

He would be better, much more
somewhere else
he get used to me, it loves me.
It protects me, it needs me.
But i'm not enough.

It is my dog,
the one finding me food,
the one barking him,
the one which is always with me.

It accompanies me everywhere.
From day to day,
night to night,
struggle by struggle.
We are the only thing each other have.

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