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It Is My Enemies Who Rule Me

Our Government from terrorists say they will protect us yet all they seem to do is broadcast fear
To stay in power they prey on the voters phobias and negativity pays for them it does appear
They tell us who to like and who to dislike and they tell us who should be our friend and foe
And the gullible voters do vote into parliament the people whose thinking does belong to years ago
They tell us the wealthy miners should not pay taxes the people who made their billions on indigenous people's land
But the indigenous people among the Nation's poorest forgive me if i do not understand
A working person who is paying taxes and votes for a Government who refuse to tax any mining billionaire
It does not make sense to me that anyone should vote for people who for them or their kind do not even seem to care
The soldier who fights on the side of the enemy is ostracized as a traitor and from persecution and execution has to hide away
But we do give our political enemies the power to rule us when the majority vote for them on election day
Perhaps i am becoming confused in my thinking at least to most this is how i might seem to be
I ought to respect them for their way of thinking the people who think differently to me
But i feel it is my enemies who rule me and this is something i do not appreciate
At present i feel my mind of ideas is empty i do need something in my life to celebrate.

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