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It Is My Little

It is my little Karen and Linda and my little Johnny and Fred
And my little Jane and Roseanna and my little Timmy and Ted
In that all of our children are special my husband Joe does agree
And what makes me even more happy is all of them do look like me

I keep telling them they are special their equal not be found anywhere
On doing so i am building in them some self confidence for life in the big World out there
A World that can be hard to live in where some people keep dragging you down
I am not raising my beautiful and special children to become the failures of the town

I know that my children are special why should i pretend otherwise
For any mother on their children not to feel like i feel to say the least would not be wise
I am not raising my sons and my daughters to live their lives in poverty
But i know that this will not happen since my children are born of me

I must not teach them for to respect others since for to achieve success this is not the in thing
My life lesson to them is simple their own praises they always should sing
It is a tough World the World out there where only the strongest succeed
Where for one to become materially successful a strong sense of self one does need

It is my little Andy and Peter and my little Sharon and Ann
And my little Rosy and Tammy and my little Billy and Stan
They were born of me a great person after their dad in me planted the seed
And they do have the bloodlines in them that are needed in life to succeed.

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