It Is My Own Fault

It is my own fault if i am not a financial millionaire
For i cannot say life to me has been unfair
The chances of financial success that came my way i left them go by
As is said success is only for those who for it their hardest does try
Suppose i do look at life in quite a negative way
As i feel that success does not postpone our inevitable last living day
Amongst positive thinkers such thoughts never do apply
Negative thinking which never get one to anywhere is the main reason why
That financial success i am one who of has never known
But on that one i can say i am not on my own
Financial success in the twenty first century does not come to those addicted to penning of rhyme
Something i have been doing for many years of time
You cannot teach an old dog new tricks as the wise one does say
For me anyhow it is looking this way.

by Francis Duggan

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