It Is Nature Of All Mothers

It is nature of all the mothers
To heartily cherish their sons
To believe with worship
In the mortality of the sons
To whim and fancy
That nothing can beat their sons,

It is nature of all the mothers
To replace their love for husbands
With the love of sons,
Always to suspect
That their daughters in law
Are giving raw deals of life and love
To the precious sons,
To stress for virgin marriage of the sons
To doubt and snook at the beauties of sons' loves,

It is nature of all the mothers
To be in nostalgia of their past love
On the look of the new beards on sons' face
To equate the virgin tone in the sons bass
With the voices of a raw lover
On the nuptial night of the eloping evening,

It is nature of all the mothers to fault the person
Of other woman's sons
Only to glorify the character of their own
As they project fortune for heir own
But stark fate or failure
Befalling the male neighbourhood,
To ask the powers that be
For a political treat to their sons
On a baseboard of full discredit
Unto the otherness that be.

by alexander opicho

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