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It Is Not A

It is not a big dog kills the most people or a spider or a snake
And it is not a great white pointer shark though humans to eat they do take
Those who swim in deep waters too far out from the sea shore
They who love the danger perish therein you've heard that one before.

It is not lions or tigers kill the most people though they have killed more than a few
Though in saying that they can be quite dangerous I'm not saying anything that is new
But then they do not know of Moses Fifth Commandment which states 'thou shalt not kill'
For an aged or injured big cat a human being is easy prey on which to eat it's fill.

'Tis not hippos, rhinos or elephants kill the most people by their kind humans deaths are rare
Though of the potential danger of such big and powerful creatures one ought to be aware
Crocodiles kill and eat people many have died from the sting of tsetse fly
Many dangerous life forms out there of that none can deny.

Apart from Nature and Nature's Reaper the greatest killer of them all
Is not an insect, fish, reptile or animal though human deaths by them we can recall
'Tis a known fact and as we well know facts are not known to lie
That at the hands of other human beings most humans are known to die.

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