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It Is Not About How Much

It is not about how much money you have or how long you do live
It is more about how kind you are and of how willingly you give
If you are one who lives your life in giving to receive
Then on a higher principle you are one who does believe
The longest lived human life in time not long the years go quickly by
On looking back the decades you realize that time does fly
Time does not wait for anyone it did not wait for me
And like all life forms great and small we are born to mortality
How one defines success in life is not for me to say
We all do look at such things in our own sort of way
The one who is successful to you to me may not be so
Such things i learned from mentors as a boy near sixty years ago
It is not how influential or wealthy you are though many your fame celebrate
It is your kindness and compassion for others that makes you a true great.

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