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It Is Not Death

It is not death that bothers me though the thought of death i fear
And do not waste your prayers on me for your prayers i will not hear
And do not waste your tears on me just leave me to rest in peace
At least from the cares of living i will have found a release,
I will have had my innings I've been luckier than most
And though none have drunk a toast to me to others I've drunk a toast
I was raised close to Nature and knew of her as a boy
And the beauty born of Nature is a thing i do enjoy
The best of my life behind me but what is gone has gone
But for as long as i can live i will keep on keeping on
And though for each and everyone of us there is a final Spring
Enjoy your life whilst you have it for life's a marvellous thing
I feel i am a Godless man though suppose each to their own
And it is not death that bothers me but the fear of the unknown.

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