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It Is Not Easy To Remain Human
DT (08 June / Ajmer)

It Is Not Easy To Remain Human

Poem By Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar

It is not easy to
Remain human
Live like a saint
Behave like god
Shed the desires
For contentment
Of the soul
Sacrifice needs
For peace
Make the heart
As hard as a rock
Control the emotions
In difficult situations
Give away comforts
Live a simple life
See all humans
With the same eye
Dr.Rajendra Tela, Nirantar

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Comments (5)

yes soooooo true.. it is not easy to live such a life as you describe. if you live like that, some call you a simpleton, a fool for this world. if you are crooked, they think that you have substance, i too am lost in this world......... if you have pure heart. then you are doomed.. you have portrayed a strong reality. thank you dear poetess. tony
Living a life filled with desires, wants and temptations is not an easy one, we are constantly fighting these human frailties, causing us to become like animals at times. Very good perceptive ideas to see all humans with the same eye. 10+++++++++ Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
It's never easy to remain human with a carnal mentality. Good work.
FarishtoN se Barh Kar Hai InsaaN BannA Magar AasaN NahiN Hai InsaaN Hona Admi to Bahut HaiN Is DuniyaN MeiN Magar Bara Mushkil Hai InsaaN Ka Deedar Hona Dr.Shujaat Ali Sandilvi
Trying to be; but, with the insult around. Nice work.