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It Is Not Hard

It is not hard for to write rhyming sonnets as many would tend to agree
But most literary critics say rhyming outdated in the twenty first century
To many poetry buffs rhyming it is not true poetry each to their own as they say
What most literary critics dismiss as doggerel was poetry of a bygone day
As a boy i loved reading rhyming sonnets a love with me that does remain
My love of the old rhyming masters till my last breath of life i will retain
We all have our own literary tastes what is poetry to you may not be so to me
If we all did agree on all things how boring indeed we would be
The acclaimed poets of the twenty first century are not women and men of rhyme
They are out of literary fashion and belong to a long gone time
As for me i will always love rhyme over decades my love for it has grown
We all do have our own opinions and as is said it is each to their own
It is not hard to write rhyming sonnets but to write good rhyme is not as simple as it seems to be
As a boy i loved reading rhyming sonnets and my love of rhyme has made a rhymer of me.

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