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It Is Not How Many Poems

It is not how many poems that a poet pens in blank verse or haiku or rhyme
It is the quality of the writing since quality beats quantity every time
Some poets tend to take self love a bit far in their work they take too much pride
They ought to leave it to the readers the readers will always decide

Who is or who is not a good poet self praise is no praise seems so true
The fair minded will give you credit if credit they feel you are due
Good wordsmiths are rare now as ever in poetry as well as in prose
And that good writers are born and not made is quite factual one would suppose.

As far as me I like the old style rhymers who pen verse of country-side and of town
Referred to as bush poets by the highbrows such a description does seem a put down
Since some of these so called bush poets pen quality verses though credit to them is not paid
Never invited to read at highbrow poetry readings though as poets they have made the grade.

I have read poems by poets who are not famed and they seem quite good poets to me
But the literary highbrows dismiss them as mere rhymers they feel they know what is poetry
In literary matters they feel they are infallible but 'tis our differences that make us interesting they say
As for me I like good rural rhymers their verses like sweet scenting hay.

It is not how many poems that a poet pens as quality must be taken into account
Though many good poets it can be said of good poems have written a large amount
But the literary highbrows are convinced that rhymers are not of the wordsmith trade
They believe that 'tis their right to choose who does or does not make the grade.

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