It Is Not Malicious At All

Everything but the truth is accepted.
And 'if' you are blessed,
Knowing what it is...
It is like finding a rare jewel.
Having discovered...
Like a misplaced twenty dollar bill,
It is not malicious at all!
In fact...
Finding it has made you happy.
You may wish your ambitions,
To share this growth process...
One of the most frustrating tasks
You have selected as a challenge!
Either you will be classified as crazed?
Be prepared.
You will be gossiped,
As doing 'something' illegal...
That has to be investigated!
'Something' scandalous has put a smile on your face.
And small town 'folk' will get to the bottom of it!
If they have to lie to do it!
Those who are protective,
Of their peace of mind...
And truth combined?
May choose to be creative,
By spreading rumors on themselves.
This procedure enhances and controls,
The demographics one wishes to attract.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Very interesting and intriguing poem.