It Is Not Wise

It is not wise,
To be in the business of other people.
No it is not wise,
To offer unsolicited opinions.
When not invited...
To stick a nose where it doesn't belong.
With a sniffing just to snoop.

It is not wise,
To tell somebody what they shouldn't do.
That begins an argument.
Nor is it recommended to tell anybody...
They make no sense.
A healthy life to keep it lived that way.
Is better lived when one knows,
When and where...
To keep a mouth closed.

Many have them open when they should be shut.
With a doing this to button up their lips.
And some will interrupt,
A conversation between others.
No matter if it is,
Overheard and intimate.

It is not wise,
To be nosey and be noticed.
And be so close,
One's breath to breathe is felt to feel.
To interrupt,
Two people deep in conversation.
It is not wise,
To socialize with others.
If one is only there,
Prepared to annoy and snoop.

"Uh...excuse us.
Do you mind."

-Not at all.
No need to apologize.
I'd be more than glad to join you.
Don't give it a second thought.
What were 'we' whispering about.
And why? -

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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