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It Is Not

It is not for how long that you live 'tis only for how well you live
Are you one of those selfish people who only know how to take but not give?
In society's eyes very successful and financially a huge success
Out of your business you make a huge profit though your workers must make do on less.

For three score and ten he looks fit and healthy and the reaper for him has to wait
One who has many millions in money and one society celebrate
Yet one who is not to be trusted and to the higher self far from true
Though money does speak every language and to that saying some credit is due.

So many they seem to grow poorer for every known new millionaire
And you tell me all people are equal and you tell me that life is fair
There is nothing wrong with being wealthy when you live in the honest way
If you reward your employess for their hard work for you with what is considered fair pay.

It is not for how long that you live or how much money you accumulate
And though many may see you as successful these things do not prove you to be great
You ought not to be judged by your money or the size of your house or your car
You ought to be judged by your sense of values by the sort of a person you are.

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