It Is Obvious And Apparent Now

Who suggested we invite him to the party,
For purposes to see him squirm?
He appeared more comfortable than we did.
And having the cameras there to record the event,
Made us to look like the fools.
Absolute and total ignoramuses.
Moose butts with duck walks!
You people just don't get it.
IF we are seeking him to fail...
We don't put him in the spotlight where he shines.
It is obvious and apparent now who the 'bozos' are!

'Who would that be?
Who are they,
Senator McJames? '

The people who elected us to office,
Of course!
The constituents.
They are the ones who recommended the cameras.
IF he accepted the invitation.
No one believed he would!
It was our way to show him incompetent.
He ripped us apart like a child gone mad,
Destroying ALL the teddy bears.
Then 'thanked us' for allowing him to do it!

He didn't realize it was a joke.
And took us too seriously! '

Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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