It Is Quite Clear Who Represents With Or Without Intent

No one suffers from standards met.
A regret comes from a lack of implementation,
Beset by those who have chosen,
Certain people be watched and kept...
Under surveillance!

As laws are changed,
To keep their own derangements...
For purposes that exposes an insanity.
A march is sustained to uphold their degradations.
And even this can not escape those observing...
Who wonder what excuses now can be used,
To hide this massive mental illness...
Infusing the last of limitating consciousness.

And it is obvious from where this deficiency,
Has its most defective efficiency!
Without any implications needed to be addressed.
It is quite clear who represents with or without intent...
The origin of this mess spreading to gain approval.
Leaving those of integrity with an honesty professed,
Feeling absolutely blessed and grateful,
To have obtained insight!
And a removal from a debated confusion that soothes.

There is no need to provide a devoted loyality,
To those who can not see...
Greed has driven them completely 'nuts'!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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