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It Is Raining In Paris

It Is Raining in Paris
Written by: Wilfred Charles Mellers, Thursday, February 23,2012 @ 6: 38 PM

The lights has gone out over Paris
Venus is no more an affectionate zealous
To my adoration I was honest
Promises kept I worked my hardest
Vanished gladness for I've misplaced my heart
The radiance has gone out over the rampart

The sun has gone out today
Hands stretched texture to find my way
Uncertain I am for skies are gray
Gone now are livelier days

Bouncing into obscured walls
Never looked out for the pitfalls
Collapsed into an empty pit
I am no longer quick with the wit

Seldom things remind
Are my eyes inaccessible or am I blind?
So many thoughts run through my mind
My hand separation to sign
Beaten down by the daily grind

So unkind mankind I find
Who cares for the hour draws near
For impending days are filled with fear
Nowhere to run and hide
No love sits by my side
For the love inside has died

I sit and pine for days to rewind
The plans treacherously designed
And to all things combine
The heart pays the heaviest fine

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