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It Is Said Writers Are Born
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It Is Said Writers Are Born

It is said writers are born and cannot be made
And very few writers seem to make the grade
And good writers get published though for some that bit too late
For everything does come to those who do wait.

Many would be great writers are born every day
But on the road that leads to fame they seem to lose their way
And only the best the masses celebrate
Not everyone of course are born to be great.

Whoever first said it would have had to be wise
That the cream to the top of the milk always rise
The literary critics are hard to impress
And without their approval what hope of success.

It is said of great writers that they are born that way
And great writers are rare that would be fair to say
On the road that leads to success casualties do abound
And great writers like all greats are hard to be found.

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