It Is Same

Nothing has changed
Only we have aged
In concept and in mind
What are going to leave behind?

The lust is existence as it is
The fruits hang on trees
The greed remains same
Tree has not forgotten to claim shade

We have mastered the art
From the very start
The day we were borne
We were taught how to deal and govern

Hatred has taken over from love
Forceful acquisition has become belief
'Easy money and wrong credit 'is our motto
The humanity is forgotten in Toto

Nationalism has been taken by regionalism
Religion has replaced it with Rationalism
Many countries have adopted the design of expansion
Fight as mercenaries and help in consolidation

In short, everything has remained same
Mentality, approach and greed always to claim
Center position in man's destination
All over the places we find break down and deterioration

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Re: It is same (Score: 1) by isitpoetry on Wednesday, October 29,2014 (11: 01: 24) Excellent poem of poems that we read you are...iip
Great point Joseph Groome11 minutes ago I really enjoyed this poem you raise many great points my friend. Keep up the good work! If you have time check out some of my poems i think you'd really enjoy them.
Nothing has changed Only we have aged