It Is She Who Leads My Heart In Wandering.

It is she who leads my heart in wandering.
It is her ghost who shall guide me throughout the shades.
It is into a Love for her that I fade
Forever sinking into the nightmare.

The clouds create an impression of longing
As they seek to know one another.
I perceive a Lady of the sky
Throwing the burden of the world from upon her shoulders.
I perceive Death imagined – cloaked in shadows
I perceive a solider of light upon his journey.

Each in turn they deliver a kiss upon the wind
From ever changing perceptions they are born
Wild from the imagination.

Seek not to transcend through what you consider the mundane
For it is part of creation whole – just as you – just as your soul.
Know the beauty of the day that surrounds you is just the same
Whether it be blue or grey whether it be sun kissed or be raining
Each is a turn in the cycle eternal, each day more we are learning.

by David Lacey

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