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It Is Simple Enough Stuff
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It Is Simple Enough Stuff

It is simple enough stuff that i do write
And email every day to an internet literary site
Anybody can write rhyme the literary experts do say
But what i so enjoy doing i could not give away

The rhymes keep on coming to me in notebook i write them down
Without hope of money or literary renown
It is something i love doing as i have often said before
And what i have said often i tell you once more

Not to be true to one's self would be living a lie
And i hope to be writing rhymes till the day i do die
And why should one live only thinking of making money every day
And for their work how much they receive in reward of pay

To write rhymes is easy as easy as can be
And most people can write far better than me
And though what i enjoy doing to many may seem a waste of time
I love playing with words and and enjoy writing rhyme.

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