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It Is So Good To Be Alive
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It Is So Good To Be Alive

It is so good to be alive on such a pleasant day
The children in the park playground are laughing at their play
And the birds who sing in all Seasons and every day of the year
The warbling flute like notes of the magpies are so pleasant for to hear
The familiar song of the magpie larks that sounds much like pee wee
Mud nesting black and white birds i do often hear and see
It is not too warm or too cool with a nice freshening breeze
In fact near to perfect Autumn weather of near to twenty degrees
Though my worth as a rhymer i have reason for to doubt
No shortage of things in Nature for me to rhyme about
The first fallen leaves of Autumn dry, crinkled up and brown
On the grass beside their mother trees on the nature strips of town
A nice day to be outdoors to go for a walk or drive
In weather temperatures near to perfect it is so good to be alive.

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