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It Is Such A Beautiful Day
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It Is Such A Beautiful Day

The magpie larks calling out pee wee in the sunlit park by the bay
With just a few gray clouds in the blue sky it is such a beautiful day
For late April beyond mid Autumn there is even warmth in the breeze
The weather temperatures for the time of year quite amazing well over twenty degrees
The fallen leaves off of the deciduous trees quite dry and crinkled and brown
By the freshening winds blown with a rustle along the footpaths of the town
And the silver bill magpies are warbling they sing every day of the year
The songsters of Nature's four Seasons are always a joy for to hear
The weather so sunny and warm after overnight much needed rain
For the time of year very pleasant about that none ought to complain
In the park young boys are playing football the sound of their laughter is a thing of joy
It takes me back to long gone Seasons when i was a primary school-going boy
When with my young friends on fine evenings in Summer we laughed as we chased the football up and down
Long before time left us walking slower in the park in the far away town.

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