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It Is Such A Marvelous Thing
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It Is Such A Marvelous Thing

He has climbed Mt Everest and fought the bulls of Spain
And dragged an injured woman to safety from the tracks as a speeding train
Was bearing down on him her life to him she owe
He is the hero of the town and always will be so
He has been World Champion and won Olympic Gold
A legend for the masses his story often told
He has proved himself in every way and scaled the heights of fame
A champion of the millions they glorify his name
In his Country a National Icon he is known Worldwide
And to the people of his hometown he is a sense of pride
The wild-born birds are singing in the balmy morning air
As he daydreams in his garden sitting on his wheelchair
When he is visualizing he is greater than a king
The gift of imagination it is such a marvelous thing.

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