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It Is Thanks To Mike C
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It Is Thanks To Mike C

Advice from afar of which i did avail
Mike C from Millstreet reminded me in an email
If you cannot visit Claraghatlea in person visit there by Google Earth instead
This from a man in his thinking of me far ahead

Good advice from one i had not known of before
Google Earth took me to Claraghatlea and Claramore
And old Clara Mountain that ever looks down
On the green fields and groves bordering Millstreet Town

Google Earth took me to where the rivers do meet
And on the Killarney Road in Inchaleigh into the Town of Millstreet
A journey that brought back old memories to me
Of my younger years and of what used to be

Though not there in person and i could not hear the birds sing
A visit to Millstreet by Google Earth to reality the next best thing
It brought back good memories to me of familiar places far away
And good old memories are precious as some like to say

It is thanks to a thoughtful person known as Mike C
For reminding me by email of what is a good idea
Of visiting Millstreet by Google Earth and Claraghatlea my first home place
Where mine to many today would be a stranger's face.

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