It Is The Culture That Feeds, Permits And Defines

To lay blame on another,
Is part of the culture.
Very few will admit that sat,
They resolved their own problems...
With a doing not to have them come back.

Who has not told a lie,
As if for them a truth existed.
And who has not involved someone else,
They knew had been innocent.

Denials are seldom put on trial.
To be judged by a jury interpreting laws.
To then convict someone with a sentence given.
And too many prevail to sit confined in prisons or jails,
Later to be released because of a flaw in a 'system' fails.

It is the culture that feeds delusions that exist.
It is the culture that permits mental illness that exists.
It is the culture many define as not being the way it is.
But its 'is' a culture of self righteous conformists,
And their addiction to conflicts and hypocritical beliefs.

It is the culture that feeds, permits and defines!
All the time.
And it is the culture that defies with excuses made,
To rely on alibis to defend, whether wrong or right...
The actions of its people inside and under church steeples.
Or on the streets where hidden crimes reside to protect,
The ones who lie and try to defect with kept imperfections.
As if not to reflect to affect effectively.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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