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It Is The Soul

The devil came to my back door
As he had come many times before,
But, not for the belongings in my drawer
Or to the promise to make me poor.
He arrived like a thief in the night,
With happiness and joy and delight.

I asked him what was he here to take
He said something that I did forsake,
Something that I didn't achieve or did make
Something that was real and not fake.
I asked him what could it be,
He then just smiled, and then laughed at me.

The Devil kept attacking me so very hard
So, I kept keeping up my guard,
From which through God he had been barred
Like a thief sneaking into my yard.
Remember a thief never enters into an empty home to rob,
And a forgotten soul is the devils greatest job.

A thief enters into a house only to steal
An empty home will never get a robbers appeal,
The Devil too wants something valuable and real
Like a thief that is the devil's ultimate deal.
Rings, gems and cash is a thief's ultimate goal,
And as for the Devil, it is the soul.

Randy L. McClave

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