It Is Too Late To Save Me...

i cant fight my inner demons anymore
a battle is talking place within me, its a bloody war
i am losing, and i am being replaced
this thing thats here is such a waste

this animal i am becoming, wont leave
no one understands that i am changing, they wont believe
im afraid it is all too late
i am being filled with anger, a powerful hate

it is consuming me, im afraid everyone will suffer with the new me
i have warned them, but they continue to not see...

by Crazy Vampire

Comments (7)

i love this, this poem is exactly how i feel right now and it just puts it into words.u r very talented
Very nice work. I would appreciate it if you could check out mine and let me know what you think.
wow that poem was incredible. so ur changing thats good let everyone kno that your different. check out my poem 'the secret'
Deep, though I'll add that it's never too late to 'save' oneself. But that's how we feel when we're younger, isn't it?
this peom is amazing i will be putting up sad peoms as well...keep writing you have great talent.
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