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It Is What It Is
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

It Is What It Is

Poem By Dan Quiles

Already it has been one day
and I urge to see you already
not too far away.
I urge to touch you once again
and not just daydream about it.
I urge to kiss you tightly
and not take the moment lightly.
Moments like these I become desperate
but at the same time liberated
To express and not too get depressed. Social Sacrifice Reshaping our future
Takes great sacrifice,
It takes away part
Of our social livelihood,
It takes away valuable time from family,
friends and love ones.
Nothing is ever easy,
It takes persistence,
Determination, strong will, confidence, preparation
And a little coldness and boldness
2 achieve a better tomorrow & fruitful today.

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