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'It Is What It Is'

“It is what it is”, that’s now the darling phrase
Of chattering classes, or perhaps not so
Chattering, as the dying words
Convey a loss for words.
Or – argue here –
Perhaps these words describe
Exactly all the Indescribable,
Like God, who Is, just Is.
(Though He’s evolving, surely, and if He’s not,
We are all whirling in a sealed place
And going nowhere) .
It is what it is –
What’s “it”, what’s “is”, what’s “what”
I want to know.
What’s said twice must be true
So I’ve been told
By Bible scholars, yet I ask
You, what’s a poem –
What’s this poem?
Is it ‘just’? Not even this
Is just a poem, not the words
Where even “It” is metaphor,
Not even choice of words and not
The huge desire
To write them down, to let you read them,

In Persian: “Fihi ma fihi”

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This sounds like the TV show Seinfeld - seemingly a show about nothing. But full of humor and making some delightful points along the way. I like the idea of God evolving. Could be a whole poem right there. -chuck
Linda, Shalom. The poem is very clever and profound. It, the great indefinite, the great undefined and undefinable, is indeed the question. How can we who are but a small piece of it begin to grok its wholeness, we are like a grain of sand trying to comprehend all the beaches in the world or a dropp of water trying to comprehend the sea of which it is one small part. All we can do is surrender and allow ourselves to belong and in that surrender we can discover our selves. Fine work. Hugh
hi linda. is 'it' like the game TAG? where one is 'IT' for a little while and then it's time to go in when the dew has covered the grass and there's chocolate chip cookies and milk waiting? or is it just a word. i'll settle for TAG and cookies, i'll settle for TAG and cookies