It Is Your Smile…

Woman, let me demystify you,
So I can see why I love you
So much.
Let me search:
The curves, the preserves,
The gardens and the reserves,
So I can understand
Why every second
That you flash in my memory,
The chemical formula changes in my body.

Turn around;
You're safe and sound.
Let me examine you from head to toes:
Touch your nose,
Cover your cheeks,
Do some tricks,
Try to fake it,
Walk, run, stop and sit.
Oh! I'm beginning to see:
It is your smile
That drives me crazy;
It is your smile
That makes me feel so good.
Oh! My soul
Is engaged in a chaotic feud;
I wonder if you are the divine doll
That I dreamt of the other night.
You are out of sight.
Your smile drives me crazy,
Every day and every night,
When I am lonely,
When the sky is gloomy or bright
And when you gaze at me.

by Hebert Logerie

Comments (101)

A very special poem for what should be a very special smile.
LOVE the style of this poem. Make a great valentine card. Wow!
Powerfully penned and pregnant with poetic passion. Well done my friend!
His descriptive ability allow the reader to glimpse of the emotions presented.Such a poetic skill. Smile brings magic. It intensifies our feelings specially when the smile comes from a Great piece..10
A lovely and sweet poem masterly crafted. Very heartwarming. All the lines of the poem are well written and executed. The verse of the poet pulls the reader to go through.
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