It Is Your Smile…

Woman, let me demystify you,
So I can see why I love you
So much.
Let me search:

by Hebert Logerie Click to read full poem

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nicely penned poem. loved it.10
True enthusiasm... Charming for the addressee ... /10
A sweet one... yes indeed the her smile and your words describing it goes well blended..
Beautiful poem with harmonious lines. Well penned. Thanks for sharing with me
who this girl she must be lucky
Wow...this is nice...but i guess love is of no you cant say'why do i love you' say 'I just love you'.....your poem is so nice
lovely poem. thanks for sharing.
It is your smile/That drives me crazy. I love those lines. Simply mellifluou and rhythmic. Sometimes we only can pin love's reason to just a smile. Pls read my poems too. Thanks!
I wonder if you are the divine doll That I dreamt of the other night. Beautiful and harmonious lines. Thanks for sharing.10.
This poem is really nice :) loved it! Really like the descriptive words you used
Oh! My soul Is engaged in a chaotic feud; ..... i love that line.. this is such a great poem.. some one is special indeed.. i loved your choice of words.. u described everthing so perfect... wonderful write! ! adding it to my favorites :)
Some one is SPECIAL! Nice display of affection. Choice, tender words to tell a lovely story. Written with warmth from the heart. Sweet honesty. DC
Great verve I enjoyed this one very much.
This is so adorable, it makes me extremely happy. :)
wow! brilliant poetry! i am truly speechless.. this is indeed one of the poems that truly got in me :) ... u deserve 10++!
aweful smile! ! ! ! ! ! nice writing...
Ohhh God! I go cracy on the smile in your words very touching lines from the heart please read my poem 'smile' regards sandhya
aawwwwhhhhhh. how nice
Amazing poem. Well penned.
any accolades have already been given, great poem, enjoyed it thoroughly and plan on reading it again and again. steve