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It Just Takes Time
RG (March,31st 1977 / Monrovia, Liberia)

It Just Takes Time

Poem By Reginald Goodridge

if you want your children to shine
less home work, less english
more quality, more brilliance
try love, do you understand this

they don't need PhD's
if their only 3

who wants a Masters
if your hands are plastered

deep inside, they know the game
they watch you play, they feel the stain

out of the box
you tell them think
they throw them back in
just follow, don't blink

don't question
don't muse
just accept
just choose

to be part of a system
that lies to them
and you perpetuate the lie
and you cry to them

go be a doctor
a lawyer
be rich
don't be an artist
nor jest
nor bitch

just play your position
stuck in that book
composed with logic
no essence, un-shook

un-felt, un-heard
no sky, no bird

you clip their wings
so their hearts turn turd

good Reggie in the background
how absurd
if I had a seed
she'd be cool, no nerd

no fool, no louse
just butterfly, all crouched

deep behind a tiger
with fire to spare
I'd have a mixed baby
with LiGer type hair

the best of me
the best of my wife

she'd speak her true heart
and live a full life

she'd have all the freedom
and make the powerful choice
to live wet in the ocean
or landlocked, yet moist

it takes a little time
you'll see, do your thang
the parenting game
is less grammar more slang

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Comments (2)

i love the thought. more parents should think this. =) cheers, a.
Very cute poem Reginald and a very good message. I enjoyed it. Sincerely, Mary