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It Looks Like Pain Today.....
(January,1975 / Georgia)

It Looks Like Pain Today.....

Poem By Lacy Greear Kobilis

When the pain started to fall
She began looking for shelter
Trying hard not to slip or fall
And praying it won't melt her

She runs blindly
Unable to clear her site
She screams 'help me'
As day turns into night

Suddenly she falls
The pain beating down
'Help' she starts to call
As her knees hit the ground

As soon as she made contact with the earth
The pain stopped, she opened her eyes
It was like a total rebirth
As happiness caused her to cry

She stood up and looked around
Beauty filled her view
Flowers covered the ground
As the sun sparkled off the dew

She smiled, for the first time in a while

She began to walk
No obstacles in her way
To herself she began to talk
'Happy' was all she could say

Then to her fear and surprise
The thunder clouds started to roll
She put her hands over her eyes
She screamed 'no, please, no'

The dark clouds killed the light
Again she was trapped in the night

She started to run, but there was no use
The sky opened loudly with a bang
The clouds, using hell as their muse
Released tons of torture and pain

Again she found herself running
But she had no energy left
The horrific sight was stunning
And breathless is how she felt

She finally stopped and said 'OK,
Give me what you've got
This time I'm not running away,
Do you hear me, I'm just NOT'

She stood tall and faced the sky
Pain, pounding down
Covering her face,
Filling in her eyes

The pain stopped
The puddles around her dried
Her fear was redirected
As she refused to continue to cry

She was tired of the pain
Taking its toll
She stands tall today
Now that she's in control......

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